Ground stake base for feather flags

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The Ground Stake is a plastic flag base with a steel rotator for feather flags and winders. It allows fixing the flag on a loose soil, i.e. sand, gravel or snow. A thick screw ensures stability of the flag. Plastic ground stake is designed for use with all advertising flags available in our offer..

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The Ground stake is the base for advertising flag used to fasten them mainly on loose substrates. It's perfect for winter in the snow, but also in the summer on the sandy beaches. The plastic stake has the shape of a thick screw, which allows deep screwing the base into the ground, and thus ensures stability of the placed flag. This base is equipped with foldable side handles to facilitate its installation in the ground.

Ground stake is the best base for applying advertising flags on beaches, for example during the beach ball games. It can be used also for separating and marking visible company zones, e.g. bars on beaches, play areas, promotional campaigns. Used with our feather flags, it ensures visibility of a given place from afar.

The ground stake can be used with any flag available in our offer, both with premium flags and with standard flags in all shapes and sizes. In addition, it is equipped with a rotator, which causes a gentle rotation of the flag around its axis under the influence of wind gusts.

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Weight0,7 kg
Dimensions53 cm
Applicationloose substrate, outdoors
Assembling methodno assembly required
Suitable for feather flagsClassic S, Classic M, Classic L, Classic XL, Aluminum S, Aluminum M, Aluminum L
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