Roll up Classic 85 cm x 200 cm is an advertising display with a reinforced aluminum system with the printout hidden in the cassette. In order to use the roll-up, simply expand the graphic and lock it with the pole. Roll ups are popular exhibition systems, easy to assemble and convenient to transport. They are reusable and allow the exchange of graphics. Roll up systems are often an addition to company stands at trade fairs and industry events. The price includes: aluminum roll up system, printed roll up banner, transport bag.

Roll up banner Classic 85x200cm

€43.88 €37.83
  1. The price includes: system + printed blockout foil
  2. High quality material- Rollup Foil
  3. Print resolution: 1000 DPI on UV or solvent technology
  4. Stable construction
  5. Lightweight cassette
  6. Replaceable graphics
  • from 1 pcs. - €43.88 €37.83
  • from 11 pcs. - €42.13 €36.32
  • from 51 pcs. - €40.02 €34.50
  • from 101 pcs. - €38.42 €33.12

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Roll-Up Classic 85x200 cm
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Promotional Pull up banner Classic 85 cm x 200 cm is used to present individual graphics printed on a roll-up film. It is a convenient advertising medium with a large advertising space. The printout is rolled into aluminum cassette during transport and storage, which protects it from damage and saves space. The system is set up by unwinding the graphics from the cassette and blocking it with an aluminum pole. The assembly is very fast and hassle free. Promotional roll ups are used for many occasions, they are a popular element of the company's stands at the fair trades. The pull up banner can be used, for example, during the conferences to enhance the information transfer or simply as a permanent element of graphic advertising in showrooms, etc. Its big advantage is mobility and the ability to exchange graphics.

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Weight2,7 kg
Dimensions85 cm x 200 cm
Printout materialroll-up foil
Material of constructionaluminum
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