Rubber base 50x50cm 10kg for Feather flags

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Rubber base 50 cm x 50 cm (Rubber Base) is a universal base for portable advertising feather flags, made of elegant rubber and equipped with a steel rotator. Ensures the stability of beach flags (winders) both indoors and outdoors. Recommended for use with all portable advertising feather flags from our offer.

Rubber base 10 kg is a modern basis for advertising feather flags ensuring their stability and the ability to use them on all flat surfaces. This base can be used with all flags available in our offer, both standard and premium flags in all sizes. The flat base is made of rubber and has a thickness of 5 cm and dimensions 50 cm x 50 cm. It is equipped with a steel rotator that causes gentle rotation of the flag around its axis due to the action of the wind. The aesthetic and modern look of the rubber base makes the flag look good both outside and indoors. The material from which the base is made eliminates the risk of scratching the surface, i.e. ceramic tiles, panels or wood.
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Weight9,7 kg
Dimensions50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm
Applicationflat surface, indoors, outdoors
Assembling methodRequires fixing the rotator with screws
Suitable for feather flagsClassic S, Classic M, Classic L, Classic XL, Aluminum S, Aluminum M, Aluminum L
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