Feather flag set Straight XL with water base

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An advertising set with a custom printed feather flag and a water base is a system enabling the presentation of advertising graphics printed on a polyester flag of 115 g/m2. The water base allows exposing the flag on flat surfaces. It works perfectly outdoors because after filling with water it becomes heavy and ensures the stability of the flag.

The price includes: classic mast 5.6 m, flag with individual print, water base

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Feather flag Straight XL template How to prepare a file

The Straight XL promotional printed feather flags in a set with a water base is an ideal solution for outdoor advertising. The XL printed feather flags thanks to their height of 5 m are visible from a distance, and the water base after filling with water ensures stable placement of the flag on a flat surface. The material used to print graphics on the flag is a popular polyester 115 g/m2. The printout is made one-sided, however, the material's properties allow the visibility of the graphics on both sides of the flag (the visibility is about 95%). The printed and finished material is applied to the attached flexible mast made of aluminum and fiber glass, which should then be placed in the water base rotator.

Printed feather flags, also known as winders or beach flags, are universal advertising media, giving a large area for presenting graphics and at the same time high mobility of the media itself. They are light, quick to assemble and easy to transport. What's more, feather flag systems are reusable. System components such as mast and base can be used with various prints. For the Classic flags it's also possible to change the shape of the flag.

Printed feather flags are perfect for all kinds of outdoor events organized on beaches, parks, glades, sports facilities, etc. They can also serve as a permanent advertising element, e.g. in front of a shop, restaurant, bar, food truck, street stand. They are also used at trade fairs and conferences inside premises, as a complement to a company stand or the designation of significant organizational points.

More Information
Flag height5,00 m
Printout materialpolyester 115g/m2
Pole materialfiberglass and aluminum
Pole length5,6 m
Visible area85 cm x 380 cm
Assembling methodAssembling the elements of the pole + attaching the print by sliding the pole into the material tunnel + placing the rotator in the base and tightening the ring after inserting the flag
Set includespole, flag, water base
Applicationflat surface, indoors, outdoors
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