Weighting ring for feather flags

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Water weight, also known as Weighting Ring or Water Ring, are used as a counterweight for a flag base when displaying advertising feather flags outside buildings. It is an ideal accessory when the base is relatively light and could not hold the flag when the wind blows. The weight filled with water is about 6 kg of extra load. Thanks to it, light and stylish bases usually used in rooms can also be used outdoors if necessary.
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The Water Weight, also known as the Weighting Ring or Water Ring, is a round counterweight made of plastic. After filling with water, it's an additional load that can be placed on the flag basis. Thanks to the use of weighting ring, an advertising flag can be displayed outside without fear of falling over with the slightest gust of wind. The water ring filled with water weighs approx. 6 kg, which ensures stability of the flag system in external conditions. It is recommended to use with all flat bases (steel and rubber) and crosses (standard and premium), especially when used outdoors and exposed to wind. This is great solution when the feather flag is displayed both indoors and outdoors. You can use one, simple and elegant base for indoors and if it's necessary just add a weighting ring as a counterweight for external exposition without buying another heavier base.

Please remember that freezing water increases its volume, so you should not use a weight with water filling at subzero temperatures.

More Information
Weight6 kg with water
Dimensionsdiameter 50 cm
Suitable forStandard Cross base, Premium Cross base, Metal square base 30cm x 30cm 4kg, Metal square base 35cm x 35cm 6kg, Metal square base 50cm x 50cm 15kg, Metal square base 58cm x 58cm 20kg, Rubber base 50x50cm 10kg, Rubber base 50x50cm 15kg
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